26. Wm Beckford. Beckford, William. Italy; with Sketches of Spain and Portugal. (London, R. Bentley: 1834) vol ii.

Beckford is writing retrospectively in 1834 of a party in 1797.

Boccharini [sic], who led and presided over the Duchess of Ossuna's [sic] concerts...witnessed these most original deviations from all established musical rule with the utmost contempt and dismay. He said to me in a loud whisper: "If you dance and they play in this ridiculous manner, I shall never be able to introduce a decent style into our musical world here, which I flattered myself I was on the very point of doing. What possesses you? Is it the devil? Who could suppose that a reasonable being, an Englishmen of all others, would have encouraged these inveterate barbarians in such absurdities. There's a chromatic scream! There's apassage! We have heard of robbing time; this is murdering it. What! Again! Why, this is worse than a convulsive hiccup, or the last rattle in the throat of a dying malefactor. Give me the Turkish howlings in preference; they are not so obtrusive and impudent." So saying he moved off with a semi-seria stride, and we danced on with redoubled delight and joy.