List of Sources Quoted

Complete citations for these works appear in the Bibliography. All translations are my own unless otherwise noted. Transcriptions of original texts are diplomatic regarding spelling, punctuation, and misinformation, this last being addressed in footnotes.

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    1a. Translation
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    2a. Translation
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    4a. Translation
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    5a, b, c. Translations
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    8a. Translation
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    10a. Translation
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    11a. Translation
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    12a. Translation
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    13a, b. Translations
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    14a, b: text and translation for op. 32, nos. 4-6, op. 39, and op. 52, nos. 1 & 4
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    14j, k: text and translation for Douze nouveaux Quintetti pour deux Violons, deux Violoncelles et Alto, par L. Boccherini. 4me Livraison. à Paris chez Pleyel
    14l. frontispiece to Pleyel's edition of Boccherini's "op.37"
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    17a. Translation
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    18a, b. Translations
  B. Written After Boccherini's Death: 1805-1835
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    19a. Translation
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