Passion (1994)

Book: James Lapine
Lyrics and Music: Stephen Sondheim

Happiness (Clara and Giorgio)

Happiness (reprise; Clara and Giorgio)

First Letter (Clara and Giorgio)

Second Letter (Clara and Giorgio)

Third Letter (Clara, Giorgio, and soldiers)

Third Letter (reprise; Giorgio)

Fourth Letter (Clara and Giorgio)

I Read (Fosca)

Fifth Letter (Giorgio)

Transition (soldiers)

Sixth Letter (Giorgio and Clara)

They Hear Drums (Fosca)

Transition (soldiers)

Happiness (reprise; Clara, Giorgio, and Fosca)

Transition (attendants)

Transition (Clara and soldiers)

You Are So Beautiful (Fosca)

I Wish I Could Forget You (Fosca and Giorgio)

Transition (soldiers)

Soldiers' Gossip (soldiers)

Soldiers' Gossip (reprise; soldiers)

Flashback (Colonel, Fosca, Fosca’s parents, Ludovic, and Ludovic's mistress)

Sunrise Letter (Clara and Giorgio)

Is This What You Call Love? (Giorgio)

Soldiers' Gossip (reprise; soldiers)

Nightmare (soldiers and attendants)

Transition (soldiers)

Forty Days (Clara)

Loving You (Fosca)

Transition (offstage voices)

Soldiers' Gossip (reprise; soldiers)

Second Reunion (Clara)

Christmas Carol (traditional melody; Torasso)

Farewell Letter (Clara and Giorgio)

No One Has Ever Loved Me (Giorgio)

Happiness (reprise; Fosca)

Finale (soldiers, Clara, Ludovic, attendants, Colonel, Giorgio, and Fosca)