Lady In the Dark (1941)

Book: Moss Hart
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin
Music: Kurt Weill

Act I

Glamour Dream:
Oh Fabulous One (male sextet)
Huxley (Miss Foster as Sutton, Liza Elliott)
One Life to Live (Liza, Russell Paxton as Beekman)
The Girl of the Moment (Kendall Nesbitt as Pierre, and chorus)

Wedding Dream:
Mapleton High Chorale (chorus)
This is New (Randy Curtis)
The Princess of Pure Delight (Liza)

Act II

Circus Dream:
The Greatest Show on Earth (chorus)
The Best Years of His Life (Russell as Ringmaster, Randy, Liza, and chorus)
Tschaikowsky (Russell as Ringmaster, and chorus)
The Saga of Jenny (Liza and chorus)

Childhood Dream:
My Ship (Liza)