The Scarlet Pimpernel (1997)

Book and Lyrics: Nan Knighton
Music: Frank Wildhorn

Songs (Original Version):
Madame Guillotine (Company)

Believe (Percy, Marguerite, and Company)

Vivez! (Marguerite and Company)

Prayer (Percy)

Into The Fire (Percy and Bounders)

Falcon in the Dive (Chauvelin)

When I Look At You (Marguerite)

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Percy and Company)

Where's the Girl? (Chauvelin)

When I Look at You (reprise: Percy)

The Creation of Man (Percy, Prince of Wales, and Bounders)

The Riddle (Chauvelin, Marguerite, Percy, and Company)

Act II

They Seek Him Here (Percy, Prince of Wales, and Company)

Only Love (Marguerite)

She Was There (Percy)

Storybook (Marguerite and Company)

Where's the Girl? (reprise: Chauvelin)

Lullaby (Helene and Chloe)

You Are My Home (Marguerite, Armand, and Company)

Believe (reprise: Percy, Marguerite, and Company)

Curtain Call: Into the Fire (Company)