Man of La Mancha(1965/1968)

Book: Dale Wasserman
Lyrics: Joe Darion
Music: Mitch Leigh

Man of La Mancha (Cervantes/Don Quixote and Sancho)

It's All the Same (Aldonza and Muleteers)

Dulcinea (Don Quixote and Muleteers)

I'm Only Thinking of Him (Padre, Antonia, and Housekeeper)

I'm Only Thinking Of Him (reprise; Dr. Carrasco)

The Missive (Sancho)

I Really Like Him (Sancho)

What Does He Want of Me? (Aldonza)

Little Bird, Little Bird (Muleteers)

The Barber's Song (Barber)

Golden Helmet of Mambrino (Don Quixote, Barber, Sancho, and Company)

To Each His Dulcinea (Padre)

The Impossible Dream (The Quest) (Don Quixote)

The Dubbing - Knight of the Woeful Countenance (Innkeeper, Aldonza, and Sancho)

The Abduction (reprise of "Little Bird, Little Bird"; Muleteers)

Aldonza (Aldonza)

A Little Gossip (Sancho)

Dulcinea - The Impossible Dream Man of La Mancha (reprise; Aldonza, Don Quixote, and Sancho)

The Psalm (Padre)

Finale (reprise of "The Impossible Dream"; Aldonza and Company)