Camelot (1960)

Book and Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Music: Frederick Loewe

Act One
I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight (Arthur)

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (Guenevere)

Camelot (Arthur)

Camelot (reprise; Guenevere)

Follow Me (Nimue)

C'est Moi (Lancelot)

The Lusty Month of May (Guenevere and Company)

Take Me to the Fair (often cut in favor of the next number; Guenevere, with Sirs Sagramore, Dinadin, and Lionel)

The Lusty Month of May (reprise; Guenevere and Company)

How to Handle a Women (Arthur)

The Jousts (Company)

Before I Gaze at You Again (Guenevere)

Finale Act I (Proposition / Resolution)

Act Two

Madrigal (Lancelot and Knights)

If Ever I Would Leave You (Lancelot)

The Seven Deadly Virtues (Mordred)

What Do the Simple Folk Do (Arthur and Guenevere)

The Persuasion (usually cut; Mordred and Morgan Le Fay)

Fie On Goodness (often cut; Knights)

I Loved You Once in Silence (Guenevere)

Guenevere (Company)

Finale Ultimo (Camelot reprise; Arthur and Company)