Into the Woods (1987)

Book: James Lapine
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Act One
Prologue: Into the Woods (Narrator, Company, Little Red Ridinghood)

Witch's Rap (Witch)

Into the Woods (reprise; Jack and his mother)

Cinderella at the Grave (Cinderella, Cinderella's mother's spirit)

Into the Woods (reprise; Baker, Cinderella, Baker's Wife, Company)

Hello, Little Girl (Wolf, Little Red Ridinghood)

I Guess This Is Goodbye (Jack)

Maybe They're Really Magic (Baker's Wife)

Maybe They're Really Magic (reprise; Baker)

I Know Things Now (Little Red Riding Hood)

A Very Nice Prince (Cinderella, Baker's Wife)

One Midnight Gone - Into the Woods (Company)

Giants in the Sky (Jack)

Agony (the two Princes)

A Very Nice Prince (reprise; Cinderella, Baker's Wife)

It Takes Two (Baker, Baker's Wife)

Two Midnights Gone (reprise; Company)

Stay with Me (Witch)

A Very Nice Prince (reprise) - On the Steps of the Palace (Cinderella)

Ever After (Narrator, Company)

Act Two

Prologue: So Happy (Narrator, Company)

Witch's Rap (reprise; Witch, Baker, Baker's Wife)

Into the Woods (reprise; Baker, Baker’s Wife, Jack, Little Red Ridinghood, Cinderella)

Agony (reprise; the two Princes)

Lament (“Children Won't Listen”; Witch)

Any Moment (Cinderella's Prince, Baker's Wife)

Any Moment (reprise; Cinderella's Prince)

Moments in the Woods (Baker's Wife)

Your Fault (Jack, Baker, Witch, Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood)

Last Midnight (Witch)

No More (Baker, Mysterious Man)

No One Is Alone (Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Baker, Jack)

No One Is Alone (reprise; Baker's Wife)

Finale: Children Will Listen - Into the Woods (Witch, Company)