Naughty Marietta (1910)
Book and Lyrics: Rida Johnson Young
Music: Victor Herbert

Opening Chorus (street venders)

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Captain Dick and rangers)

Taisez-Vous (Casket girls and men)

Naughty Marietta (Marietta)

It Never, Never Can Be Love (Marietta and Captain Dick)

If I Were Anybody Else But Me (Lizette and Simon)

'Neath the Southern Moon (Adah)

Italian Street Song (Marietta and chorus)

Act I Finale (ensemble)

Dance of the Marionettes (Marietta and Rudolfo)

You Marry a Marionette (Etienne)

New Orleans Jeunesse Doree (chorus of men)

Loves of New Orleans (ensemble)

The Sweet By and By (Lizette)

Live for Today (Marietta, Adah, Captain Dick, and Etienne)

I'm Falling in Love with Some One (Captain Dick)

It's Pretty Soft for Simon (Simon)

Finale (Captain Dick, Marietta, and ensemble)