Little Mary Sunshine (1959)
Book, Music, and Lyrics: Rick Besoyan

The Forest Ranger (Captain "Big Jim" and the Forest Rangers)

Little Mary Sunshine (Forest Rangers and Little Mary)

Look for a Sky of Blue (Little Mary and Forest Rangers)

You’re the Fairest Flower (Captain "Big Jim")

In Izzenschnooken on the Lovely Essenzook Zee (Ernestine von Liebedich)

Playing Croquet - Swinging - How Do You Do? (Young Ladies and Forest Rangers)

Tell a Handsome Stranger (mixed quartet)

Once in a Blue Moon (Billy Jester and Nancy Twinkle)

Colorado Love Call (Captain "Big Jim" and Little Mary)

Every Little Nothing (Little Mary and Ernestine von Liebedich)

Act I Finale: What Has Happened – Look for a Sky of Blue (ensemble)

Such a Merry Party (Nancy Twinkle, Young Ladies, and Forest Rangers)

Say Uncle (General Oscar Fairfax and Young Ladies)

Me a Heap Big Injun (Billy Jester)

Naughty, Naughty Nancy (Little Mary and Young Ladies)

Mata Hari (Nancy Twinkle and Young Ladies)

Do You Ever Dream of Vienna (Ernestine von Liebedich and General Oscar Fairfax)

Coo Coo (Little Mary)

Colorado Love Call (reprise: Captain "Big Jim" and Little Mary)

The Forest Ranger (reprise: Forest Rangers and Young Ladies)

Finale: Look for a Sky of Blue - Little Mary Sunshine (ensemble)